2018 ACME and Jr. ACME Roster Form

DUE DATE: June 1—All certificates (rosters) must be received by due date.  Failure to receive by date can jeopardize tournament play.  Certificates may be submitted online or mailed to:  Kristi Spencer; 13432 Waynesfield Road; Wapakoneta, Ohio; 45895

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➪The undersigned desires to apply for membership in the ACME Baseball Congress, Inc. It is understood that we are hereby entitled to all privileges and rights with are now and may be established to members of the ACME Baseball Congress, Inc.
➪The undersigned manager agrees not to hold the ACME Baseball Congress, Inc., Board of Trustees, Officers, Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, and any other persons affiliated with ACME BASEBALL Congress, liable for any accidents or injuries to my youth that may occur during practice, league or tournament play. The manager agrees that all players and parents/guardians each agree to adhere to all rules and regulations set forth by ACME Baseball Congress, Inc., Ohio High School Athletic Association. By signing this form you understand by your signature that each team member will carry our own Health, Vehicle or any other insurance that is deemed necessary for your youth to participate and that we do not hold ACME Baseball Congress, Inc., its
Board Of Directors, Officer, Commissioner, Assistant Commissioners or any other persons affiliated with ACME Baseball Congress, Inc. responsible.

Player Roster - Incoming Grade for School year 2018-2019

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