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State Tournament Host Site Rules & Guidelines

Any baseball organization may apply in writing to the Commissioner of ACME
Baseball their bid to host a State ACME Tournament by a December 31st deadline
of each year. Tournament bids will be reviewed and voted upon by a majority vote
of the Board of Directors. Host sites will be notified by the Commissioner of the
decision by February 28th of each given year.

ACME Board of Directors will determine the brackets and District pairings to be
used for all State tournament play. Dates will be voted upon by the Board of
Directors on a yearly basis. Host site shall not make any changes to tournament
times and dates without notification and approval of ACME Baseball Congress
Commissioner and Director of Umpires.

All tournament officials of the current year host site may be invited to a meeting of
the Board of Directors to review and discuss all tournament information relevant to
that host site.
Each year the ACME baseball Congress inducts new Hall of Fame inductees at the
State Tournament with a reception following. Please provide 2 locations/contacts
in your community that might serve as sites for this reception.

The following financial rules are to be followed by each host site for the State

-Daily Gate receipts will be kept for each day of the tournament.
-Gate prices are: Adults $5.00 Youth $2.00
The Financial responsibility of host site will be:
-ACME will receive 50% of the gate receipts as voted upon by Board of Directors
-ACME will pay for 100% of State Tournament umpires expenses.
-Host Site will receive 50% of the gate receipts as voted on by the Board of
-Host Site will pay for 0% of State Tournament umpires expenses.
Umpires at the State Tournament shall be paid $60.00 per game.
Any other monies generated from the tournament will remain with the Host site.
Within one week of the conclusion of tournament, the host site will provide a
complete and accurate financial report to be accompanied by a check for the
financial portion to ACME Baseball Congress Inc.

Responsibilities of Host Site:
-Host Site must be able to facilitate gate admission entrances
-Host Site must NO LONGER provide a lighted regulation baseball field
-The ACME Board will schedule game times relative to host site facility.
-Host site is responsible for supervising the playing field and keeping it in
good playing condition
-Host site is responsible for the policing and welfare of the park.
-Host site is strongly encouraged to provide security for the duration of the
-Host site assumes by application responsibility for event risk and liability
-In case of inclement weather host site shall notify the Commissioner,
Director of Umpires, Managers of participating teams, local newspapers, and
radio station when games shall be canceled and rescheduled.
-When considering host site bids the ACME Board will place emphasis on a
site that can provide a host for our annual Hall of Fame Reception.

ACME Baseball Congress will provide all baseballs, trophies, and awards for State

I Agree To The Above Terms And Conditions
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