ACME’S Pro List

The following is a list of the previous 10 players who participated in ACME Baseball while in high school and eventually went on to be drafted or signed by a Major League Baseball Organization.  For the full list, click here.

Name: Justin Watts HS Graduation: 2017 School: Bryan Pro Team: Blue Jays Round: 10

Name: Keegan Long HS Graduation: 2012 School: Edon Pro Team: Diamondbacks Round: 29

Name: Casey Schroeder HS Graduation: 2012 School: Ottawa-Glandorf Pro Team: White Sox Round: 8

Name: Taylore Cherry HS Graduation: 2011 School: Vandalia-Butler Pro Team: White Sox Round: 32

Name: Art Warren HS Graduation: 2011 School: Napoleon Pro Team: Mariners Round: 23

Name: Matt Wisler HS Graduation: 2011 School: Bryan Pro Team: Padres Round: 7

Name: Dusty Isaacs HS Graduation: 2010 School: Lebanon Pro Team: BlueJays Round: 18

Name: Dace Kime HS Graduation: 2010 School: Defiance Pro Team: Indians Round: 3

Name: Justin Hancock HS Graduation: 2009 School: Defiance Pro Team: Padres Round: 9

Name: Tyler Melling HS Graduation: 2008 School: Bellefontaine Pro Team: Cardinals Round: 39

Name: Tyler Burgoon HS Graduation: 2007 School: Defiance Pro Team: Mariners Round: 10