ACME Scholarship Program

On behalf of the ACME Baseball Congress Board of Directors I am pleased to describe our scholarship program. We are a non-profit organization that exists to provide high school baseball players, coaches and teams an opportunity to continue to play competitive organized baseball after the high school season ends. ACME Baseball promotes, governs, and conducts baseball in the summer for high schools under the National Federation of State High School Athletic Associations. We also award college scholarships to deserving young men who participate in ACME baseball in their communities throughout Ohio.
In 2016 we will award five $500 academic scholarships and have started a program where we are attempting to partner with colleges and universities throughout Ohio who would be willing to match our scholarship awards should a scholarship recipient decide to attend a university who has chosen to partner with us. Our organization conducts the application, selection and award process, leaving no duties to the college or university. Universities that have agreed to partner with us in 2016 are listed below. Thank you for your interest in our program and please visit the application form link if interested.

Chad Spencer
Acme Baseball Congress Head Commissioner